Born in 1970, Bartu Soral holds a BComm (Bachelor of Commerce) Finance Major degree from Saint Mary’s University Canada and an MDE (Master of Development Economics) degree from Dalhousie University Canada.

As an acclaimed economic commentator fluent in English and French, he has contributed regularly to several national and international financial journals, appeared on numerous television programs and has published several books on developmental economics, banking and financial crises, and political economy. His book entitled Banking Crisis and Bankruptcy for Profit in Turkey, written in English, examines banking crises in Turkey and abroad, economic corruption and their impacts, was published by German publisher Verlag Dr. Muller and marketed worldwide in 2008. He has authored five other published books on globalisation and its discontent, alongside developmental bottlenecks in Turkey. His last book Crisis at the End of the Tunnel, Time to Redevelop reached its readers in 2015.

He commenced his professional career in the private sector working for Polat Holding and Koç Holding, whereby he was responsible for business development in emerging sectors and the investment fields in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) and Turkey. Bartu Soral joined the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in 2003 and served as Project Manager for three years, following which, he was promoted to the United Nations Development Programme’s Turkey Manager position.

During his tenure at UNDP, he focused on the problems of globalization, financial markets and difficulties in developing countries. He prepared numerous policy adviserships for economic development in Turkey. He managed various loan agreements and strategic partnerships between international organizations such as IFAD, FAO, World Bank, EU and key government institutions and ministries in Turkey. He coordinated the design and implementation of several sectorial and regional development projects holding a total value of 67 million USD.

After quitting his position in United Nations, Bartu Soral resumed his career both as an academician in Baskent University as well as a columnist and reporter in national newspapers whilst annunciating in major economic conferences and symposiums.
Besides these, he acted as a consultant to several companies in support of their access to bilateral and multilateral international financing. Currently being an investor himself in Azerbaijan and he is serving as a consultant to Turkish and multinational companies in their business development strategies in Azerbaijan and other CIS countries and accessing to international funds.